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Download: HHS Band Chaperone Application

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If you are interested in becoming a band chaperone for the 2013-14 school year please download and complete the following application.

HHS Band Chaperone Application

Chaperone Guidelines

General guidelines:
1. Chaperones must be at least 21 years of age.

2. Chaperones are expected to enforce the appropriate elements of HHS
Bands Handbook at all times.

3. Chaperones are to set a proper example for students at all times by
exhibiting model behavior. Be on time and at designated checkpoints set
by the band director.

4. Listen to all announcements by the band director to ensure you hear any
changes or updates to the itinerary. Be present and attentive at pre-event
announcement sessions.

5. Chaperones should not allow any situation to get out of control. If a
situation cannot be resolved quickly by speaking (NOT YELLING) with the
student, the chaperone should seek assistance from a member of the staff
or the band director. Do not become engaged in an argument with any
student. Students are expected to treat all chaperones with respect and
comply with any instructions given by the Chaperones.

6. Chaperones are expected to treat students with respect. Chaperones
should strive to remember that high school students’ self-esteem can be
fragile and avoid making comments which will embarrass or humiliate a
student. However, our first priority must be the safety of the student and
others in band. The Hendersonville High School Bands program has a code of conduct and high expectations regarding student behavior which will not be
compromised. If you encounter a student who refuses to comply with a
reasonable request made in a reasonable manner, immediately seek
assistance from a member of the staff, or the band director.

7. A chaperone should NEVER put their hands on a student unless he/she is
clear danger to himself/herself, or to other students or adults.

8. Although you may be assigned a specific group of students for whom you
will serve as primary chaperone, ALL chaperones are to help with ALL
students as needed.

9. Chaperones are not to administer any medications including pain relievers
such as Tylenol to students. All medications to be given to students must
have been included on the student’s medical form.

Special bus trip guidelines:

1. The chaperone committee chair or his/her designee will ensure that first
aid kits are secured and accompany the band on any bus trip.

2. Chaperones will check the roll on each bus and count students before
leaving any place the band may be (food stops, bathroom breaks,
competition sites, etc.). One chaperone will check the roll by name. One
chaperone will independently count the number of students and adults and
ensure the numbers match. The buses do NOT roll until every student is
accounted for.

3. Chaperones may not supervise any children under middle school age
during any trip.

4. A chaperone has the right to request the buses stop at the next safe pull
off if necessary to deal with discipline or safety issues. The Band Director
will make the decision to do so if he/she deems necessary.

5. Chaperones are expected to maintain order on the buses. Please
distribute yourselves evenly throughout the bus. Sit at the back of your
section so you can see the students you are chaperoning. You may want
to find opportunities to occasionally get up and move through the bus.

a. Students should remain seated when the bus is in motion.
b. Students will ride the same bus for the duration of the trip.
c. Students are not allowed to share blankets on the bus.
d. Maintain reasonable noise levels for the situation. Students need to
be allowed to socialize and enjoy the trip but it shouldn’t get so loud
as to be disruptive to the driver. When maneuvering into a parking
spot or backing up, absolute quiet is essential so the driver can be
focus and hear any instructions or warnings.
e. Be sure any group activities which get underway on the bus reflect
behavior that is respectful of each other (No lewd or disrespectful
songs ever!).
f. Every student must have a seat. No student is allowed to sit on
another student’s lap. No student is to be standing or sitting in the
aisles of the bus.
g. Bags, purses, etc. are to be stowed in the overhead compartments
or under the seat, not in the bus aisles.

6. Students or chaperones may bring movies to play during the trip. Only G
and PG movies are to be shown. If a PG movie is questionable, the
chaperone should ask the band director. The band director is the final
“word” on that movie. No PG-13 movies unless approved by the band
director. Just as in the class room, the teacher has the final word. If we
cannot live by this rule, then no movies at all.

7. When exiting the bus, one chaperone will do a final check and walk down
the bus checking the lavatory (if so equipped) to ensure all students have
exited the bus.

8. Check the bus at the end of the day for any items left behind in the
overhead areas or under the seats. Purses, CD players, instruments, etc.,
left on the bus may not be there when the students return later.

9. Report any issues you don’t know how to handle to band director.

10. Be sure you get the cell phone numbers of the chaperones and the band
director on the other buses for that day before you leave the school.

11. Report notable behavior issues to the band director at the end of the trip.
This will allow the band director to address these issues with the band or
applicable student before the next trip.

Additional Information:

Chaperones will be requested for each event/trip they are needed by the Chaperone committee chair or his/her designee. They will be selected on a first come, first served basis from eligible candidates who respond to the request A person will be considered eligible if they are a booster in good standing, and have worked in some other capacity (not as an event chaperone) for the good of the band. This work includes but is not limited to:

1. Helping to feed students

2. Chaperoning band camps

3. Distributing fund-raiser products

4. Prepping, cleaning, hemming, repairing, or otherwise working with

5. Maintaining, repairing band equipment in any form.

6. Building props

7. Helping color guard in any capacity

8. Running errands for band director, etc.

The list of selected candidates for each event will be communicated to the
candidates specifically and to the boosters in general so we are all on the same
page. A fair rotation of eligible persons will be maintained so as to provide as
many eligible persons as possible the opportunity to chaperone an event.

Upon arrival at school all chaperones should report to the band room and sign in
with the Chaperone committee chair or their designee. Only those chaperones
who were pre-selected for any event will act as chaperones. No “walk up”
candidates will be selected unless we are short on chaperones for a particular

Chaperones will not normally be required to pay entry fees to competitions but
are expected to assist with getting the band ready to perform. Duties may include
pinning gauntlets, issuing plumes, serving water and/or snacks, and if needed
helping to unload the truck(s), helping with the pit/ props, and other duties as
deemed necessary by the Chaperone chair or his/her designee.

At most events we receive a limited number of passes and these will be given to
the chaperones when available. Be aware that we may not always receive
sufficient passes for everyone and you may have to pay the entry fee to watch
the band perform.

Chaperones will receive free entrance to home football and to most away games,
but away game entrance cannot be guaranteed.

Anyone (child or adult) accompanying a chaperone will be expected to pay fees
at the designated event even if they are riding a bus with a chaperone.

Finally, if there is ever a question about anything regarding the duties and
responsibilities of a chaperone or a student, THE BAND DIRECTOR IS