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2019-20 HHS Band Handbook




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Welcome to the Hendersonville High School Band program!  The HHS band has an established tradition of excellence throughout the state and region.  Through our curriculum, we attempt to provide each student the opportunity to further develop themselves as musicians and provide all students the chance to reach the highest possible level of success.

Our academic classes include ensembles which are specifically tailored to particular instrumental groups:  the Symphonic Band and Concert Band for all woodwind, brass, and percussion players and the String Orchestra for violin, viola, cello, and bass.  As a STEAM focus school, HHS also offers courses in Music Theory and Harmony and Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory in addition to a rigorous college prep curriculum for all students. Co-curricular activities such as the HHS “Band of Gold” Marching Band and jazz ensembles are offered to further student opportunities and involvement.

With the efforts of students, parents, and the community, the faculty and staff of the Hendersonville High School Band and Orchestra offer the best in secondary music education.  Our expectations are high and we will strive to help students to develop musically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

This handbook is intended to be used by students, parents, administration, and directors as a source of information regarding the various aspects of the instrumental music program.  Please read this booklet very carefully.  All members will be expected to understand and abide by the policies set forth in this book.



Music education is a means by which an educational institution can transmit to students the cultural heritage of society.  Experiences in music develop a student’s ability to make value judgments, to function logically as well as intuitively, and to utilize one’s innate creativity.  Participation in performance organizations encourages initiative and leadership in the students, stimulates goal-oriented thought processes, creates an appreciation and respect for the efforts of others, and assists students to develop a sense of responsibility to them, the organization, and in a broad sense, society.

The goal of all of our students and ensembles will be to present polished musical performances. At all levels, we will perform only the highest quality literature. Our audiences may range from performances for our school community, to the community at large. We will rehearse as an ensemble and practice individually in a way that continually elevates our abilities as musicians. We will seek outside opportunities to grow as musicians, including becoming members of active audiences.

We recognize that not all high school musicians will make music their career.  However, the mental discipline and thought processes required in the study of music are applicable in all fields of endeavor.



  1. To serve the school and community by providing a source of the finest music performed with the highest possible standards.
  2. To teach self-discipline and self-respect.
  3. To instill organizational pride and cooperation and establish permanent bonds of friendship.
  4. To enhance the musical growth and development of its members through performance in a variety of musical settings.
  5. To promote responsibility and independence, equipping students for success in life



Those who have a positive attitude, regardless of their individual skills, will always have place in this organization.  Regardless of your ability, if your attitude is not a positive one, you should not be a part of this organization.  Band is an elective (non-required) course.  By “electing” to participate, you must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the organization.  Indeed, those who do not project a cooperative attitude will be asked to change their manner or their schedule.  Even the best performers, if they do not care about the group, have no place here.

Those who have pride in themselves will project a positive attitude.

                Give only your best in all situations.






One of the most important qualities of a successful school music organization is clear, concise, and timely communication.  Educators communicate knowledge, expectations, directions, and evaluation to students and parents.  Parents communicate concerns, and support to their children and their teachers.  Students communicate understanding, and musical expression to parents and teachers.  Problems occur when there is a breakdown of communication within this three-way system.  Any concerns or conflicts with the curriculum, procedures, and scheduling must be brought to the directors’ attention as soon as possible.  We will strive to resolve any conflict a student may have, provided that it is quickly brought to our attention and the solution is in the best interest of any and all persons.  Students and parents will be given information well in advance, and we expect the same consideration.



Because of the nature of musical rehearsals and performances, punctuality is imperative for all members of the HHS Band and Orchestra.  All schedules will indicate the time for activities to begin, not the time for students to arrive.  If a rehearsal is scheduled for 6:00 PM, then all members are expected to be seated (or standing if outside) in place with instrument, music, and any other items needed at that time.  Anyone that has already arrived but is not yet prepared to begin rehearsal is late.  This applies to regular school classes and out of class activities.   For that reason, we suggest that students arrive to school classes promptly, and they plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes before any out of class rehearsals and performances.

To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late. 



Music ensemble classes are unique courses. In addition to curricular requirements, there are also out-of-class time requirements. These include occasional rehearsals and concert performances which are announced well in advanced.  The strength of the program is the consolidation of these requirements into one performance based, academic course of study. The level of commitment from each individual is the driving force behind our organizations and this is reflected in the level of achievement reached by the individual and the program.

Band is a learning activity.  Rehearsals, whether during or after school, are the means by which students learn, and by their very nature cannot be reproduced or made-up.  It is therefore imperative that students be present at all times unless the absence is absolutely unavoidable.  Excessive rehearsal absences will affect a student’s performance and that of their peers.  Although we frequently function as conductors, we are primarily teachers responsible for the musical and aesthetic education of each student.  For this reason, we are absolutely insistent upon each student’s daily participation.

Performances are the culmination of learning and are viewed as major tests:  a performance is a learning experience that cannot be duplicated in a rehearsal hall or a practice room.  Absences from performances can only be excused in the event of an extreme emergency:  SERIOUS illness or hospitalization of the student, death in the family, or other reasons deemed excusable by the director.   Our basic schedule of concerts and events for the year are made available to students several months in advance.  This information is also posted on the Band website.  You should mark your calendars accordingly upon receipt of this information, thus avoiding last minute conflicts.

No other discipline in education requires the high level of achievement from all participants as does musical performance. Through the level of commitment required, we hope to better prepare our students for the responsibilities encountered throughout their lives.



All students should enroll in an instrumental music class for both terms.  Any student not enrolled for a full year (2 terms) is ineligible for any type of Mid-State/All-State audition or participation or any University honor ensemble.  Students not enrolled for both terms of concert ensembles are also ineligible to serve as officers, section leaders, or receive any type of band or orchestra awards.  Students may only attend trips during their enrollment in a band class.

Students who have successfully completed middle school band may register their 9th grade year only with the middle school director’s approval.



The success of each performing ensemble is directly related to the effectiveness and progress of each rehearsal.  In order to have effective rehearsals, everyone involved must be prepared to work toward the accomplishment of specific musical goals.  While it is the directors’ job to determine these goals, the students should focus their attention completely on the musical work at hand.

The following guidelines are actually just basic courtesy reminders:

*There are to be no items of food, drinks, or candy consumed during rehearsals (class time or otherwise, inside or outside)

*All books, notes, calculators, and other school equipment are to be put away during rehearsals.  Students do not practice on their instruments during other classes and should therefore not do homework or study for tests during band rehearsals.

*Cell phones should be turned off and put away – there should be no cell phone calls inbound or outbound or texts at this time.  Any student using a cell phone during a rehearsal will have that phone taken up.

*The scheduled times for rehearsals are starting times.  This means that students should be in place with all materials (instrument, flags, etc.) ready to begin on time.

*When a director stands on the podium (or the top of the band tower), students are to stop talking and direct their complete attention to that location.

*The true purpose of rehearsals is not for individuals to learn to play their own part.  Rehearsals are a time for individuals to learn each others’ parts and how they come together to create an effective musical performance.



Concert Band:  open to students in ninth grade who play wind instruments.  This organization stresses further development of performance skills and will perform a variety of concert activities during the year. School related performances are required and will be announced well in advance. Members are strongly encouraged to prepare music for the Mid-State auditions and Solo and Ensemble festival.

Symphonic Band:  open to students in grades 10-12 this course focuses on development of performance skills for the advancing high school wind instrumentalist.  Along with further skill development, students have the opportunity to study more advanced wind and percussion literature and related areas in the subjects of music theory and history.  While all students are required to participate in additional school related performances throughout the year, members are strongly encouraged to audition for Mid-State and All-State organizations and to prepare music for the Solo and Ensemble festival.  Opportunities for several other honor bands exist and the performance expectations are very high.  A variety of concert related experiences are available each term.

String Orchestra:  open to students in grades 9-12 who have had prior training on orchestral string instruments. This course focuses on the further development of students’ abilities in instrumental music in the string orchestra idiom.  Emphasis is placed on technical and musical skills for orchestral string instruments (violin, viola, and cello, bass) along with references to music history and theory.  All students are required to participate in additional school related performances throughout the year.  Members will have the opportunity to audition for the Mid-State (grade 9-12) and All-State (grades 10-12) orchestra and participate in regional solo and ensemble events.

Honors Credit is available for students in grades 9-12 who wish to complete additional requirements listed in this document.



Jazz Ensembles:  open to all students in grades 9-12 who are enrolled in a band or orchestra class (few exceptions in case of guitar and piano players).  These groups meet after school during the fall and spring semesters.  Students must have the director’s approval to participate in this activity.  The jazz bands perform in many concerts on and off campus throughout the year and are very popular organizations, therefore students should plan to be in these ensembles for both semesters.  Only jazz ensemble members in grades 9-12 may audition for the Mid-State Jazz Bands.

Marching Band:  open to all students in grades 9-12 who have been enrolled in a performing ensemble class (8-11) the previous year (the only exceptions are those with unavoidable schedule conflicts; these will be handled on an individual basis) and are currently enrolled in their appropriate class.  Students must have the approval of the directors to participate in this activity. Students who have received an “F” in their band class the previous year may not participate in marching band. General behavior in school and instrumentation needs will also determine eligibility.  Rehearsals begin with mandatory Band Camp in July.  Members must pay a band fee which is discussed later in this booklet.  Members will attend all rehearsals after school and performances in all football games, parades, and  contests.  Schedules will be available well in advance for all activities.  As a co-curricular activity coupled with elective courses, students must agree to abide by the policies of the organization.

Other ensembles:  students enjoy getting together at times other than solo/ensemble festival and performing in small groups.  At times, various community groups also call in need of “chamber music” groups to perform for their functions.  The HHS program provides many opportunities to perform in a variety of organizations.



School-owned instruments become the responsibility of the student to whom they are issued.  Any damage will be repaired at the student’s expense.  Percussion and guard equipment are included in this policy.

Be careful with your instrument and NEVER play anyone else’s instrument.  The HHS Band

will NOT be held responsible for private instruments left unattended in the stands or “stored” at HHS.  Check  your homeowners insurance for coverage.  YOU are responsible for your instrument at all times, even if it is the property of HHS!




Students are expected to treat all aspects of public performances in a professional manner.  This includes wearing appropriate attire to all concerts.  Any student that does not wear appropriate attire may be kept from performing.  Symphonic band and Concert band will wear “concert black” (girls wear dresses or pant suits in all black, shoulders covered and skirts at least knee length); boys wear black dress pants and shoes and socks with black shirts; black coats/ties are optional). Tennis shoes and flip flops are not permitted. Students must obtain these on their own.


Fees for non-marching band help off-set the cost of music purchase, instrument repair and maintenance, and transportation for the year.  This year’s fee is $40 per person.  Make checks to “Hendersonville High School”.  This is collected at class registration in August or January.



Mid-State Band and Orchestra, Mid-State Jazz Band, All-State Organizations, Solo and Ensemble Festival, and other Honor ensemble activities provide students with the opportunity to excel individually on their instrument and to receive recognition for their musical achievements.


Honor Ensembles:

At HHS, our outstanding musicians are constantly recognized and have traditionally lead the way in these organizations.  The directors stress this level of development since colleges and universities use membership in these organizations as partial criteria for music scholarship consideration.

Auditions for Mid-State and All-State are held in early December.  Students in grades 9-12 are eligible for Mid-State and All-State organizations.  Students enrolled the curricular ensemble classes are strongly encouraged to audition.  Those auditioning must pay the registration fee in addition to other band fees.  Students perform required music, scales, and sightreading.  The audition ranks Middle Tennessee students on their specific instruments.  Students selected for one of these organizations prepare and present a concert during the spring semester.  The top Mid-State students will move on to All-State and present a concert in April.  The HHS Band honors those students selected for Mid-State Band by paying the clinic registration – students will still be expected to cover their hotel and transportation costs.  Students selected for the prestigious All-State Organizations will also have their registration cost, lodging and transportation paid by the HHS Band Boosters, Inc.

Other regional Honor activities will be made available throughout the year.  These take place at area universities and involve registration and hotel costs.  Students must pay for these additional opportunities themselves.

Students not enrolled for both terms in a year are ineligible for any of these organizationsThis includes a cooperative agreement with the Nashville Youth Symphony/Curb Youth Symphony and the Nashville Youth Wind Ensemble which require students to be enrolled in their school programs.



Solo and Ensemble Festival:

Solo and Ensemble Festival gives students the opportunity to excel individually or in small groups.  There is an entry fee for each participant in each event.  All HHS Band students are encouraged to participate in the Solo and Ensemble Festival.  Students are strongly encouraged to take private lessons in preparing for all of these events.




Students will be considered “in good standing” with the HHS Band and Orchestra program when they:

-are enrolled in a band/orchestra class for BOTH terms/semesters,

-maintain at least a “B” average in their band/orchestra class,

-have a record of no discipline problems with the directors and/or school administration

-maintain good attendance and have NO unexcused absences from any rehearsals or performances



*All members are expected to follow the instructions of any teacher, staff member or chaperone without question unless said instruction is a violation of civil or moral standards in which case this should be brought immediately to the attention of the director.

*When dealing with others individually or as a group, treat them as you would want to be treated.  All members are expected to contribute individually for the benefit of the organization.  If something needs to be done, take pride in doing it yourself without expecting something in return.   Subsequently, if you notice someone doing something for the benefit of the group, express your appreciation for their efforts.  Remember the words “Thank You” cost you nothing, but are highly valued by the recipient.

*All school and board policies are in effect during all music department functions both on and off school property.

*Any member caught possessing or using any controlled substances will be dealt with by the proper authorities.

*Members will not play the equipment of others.  This practice leads to potential damage and demonstrates a lack of respect for the property of others.

*All students will travel to off-campus activities on the bus.  If you wish to ride home from an event with your parents, you must be checked out by them IN PERSON through the directors ONLY!  “Notes” will not be sufficient.  This is for YOUR safety as well as ours.

*Any time there is a critical incident involving our people, the directors should be notified IMMEDIATELY.

*Never leave the group and venture out on your own.

*Following any concert, football game, contest, or festival, it is your responsibility to insure that all your equipment is put away correctly.  Non-members, family, and others should remain “out of the way” or they will be asked to leave.

*On concert performances, if your portion of the program is over before the entire concert ends, this does not mean you are dismissed.  It is rude and inconsiderate for you to leave before your friends and peers have completed their performance.



In addition to being a member “in good standing” of the HHS Band, students must be free of any financial obligation to the HHS Instrumental Music Department.  Additional Requirements for “lettering” and receiving awards from the HHS Band are as follows:

9th grade:                 2 semesters of band class and participation in marching band (“H”, Band pin, certificate)

10th grade:               4 semesters of band class and participation in marching band (Bar, certificate)

11th grade:               6 semesters of band class and participation in marching band as a junior (Bar, Junior plaque, certificate)

12th grade:               8 semesters of band class and participation in marching band as a senior (Bar, Senior plaque, certificate)

*Students should note that any unexcused absence from any rehearsals or performances will make students ineligible to receive their award; if plaques are still desired, these may be purchased from the band at our cost.


Students that do not participate in marching band will receive a certificate for 2 semesters (fall and spring) class enrollment.  Band members that do not participate in marching band throughout their entire high school career will receive a Concert Band certificate, but are not eligible for band plaques.  Junior and Senior plaques represent exceptional effort and 100% participation in band activities for a student’s entire high school career.  All senior marching band members will receive recognition on Senior Night at the last Home football game.









For this extracurricular organization to continue in its tradition of success, a high degree of dedication, discipline, and pride are required of each person involved.  Students must complete the information form and turn this in with their first fee installment by the indicated date in order to apply for a “spot” in the fall show.  Those failing to turn this information in may still become part of the marching band, but may be “alternate” status until a spot in their section opens up.  We will attempt to write the show for reasonable numbers in all sections, however, some students may be assigned to alternate status initially depending on when their information and fee is received and their previous attendance and participation records.  These students may earn spots as they open up due to student absences, etc.  In addition, students who have received an “F” in their band class the previous semester may not participate in marching band activities.

Students will be required to perform have a sports physical completed stating they are “cleared” by a physician to participate in the physical aspects of marching band.  These must be completed prior to band camp EACH year AT THE STUDENT’S OWN EXPENSE.  This is not meant to keep student from participation, but to make students, parents, and staff aware of legitimate health concerns that must be considered before placing students in strenuous circumstances and extreme heat and cold.  Student participation is also contingent on students being enrolled the previous two semesters in a concert band class, classroom behavior of the students, director approval, and availability of positions to insure proper instrumentation.  All students in marching band must be enrolled in a band class the following fall semester.

Members of the Marching Band are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances.  Anyone that incurs 3 or more unexcused absences from rehearsals will be suspended and not allowed to perform at the next performance (they must, however attend the rehearsals and performance). In the case of multiple infractions (attendance or disciplinary), a student may be removed from the Marching Band with no financial reimbursement. Students missing more than one rehearsal per week will not be allowed to perform on Fridays; Saturday performances are up to the discretion of the Directors.

Students who successfully complete a year of marching band activities may use this for satisfying the .5 credit required for physical education.  Successful completion is defined as NO absences from rehearsals or performances for the entire marching season.  This will also determine eligibility for letters/plaques at the conclusion of the year.

Absences from rehearsals are UNEXCUSED unless due to:  personal illness (ONLY with physician note), death in the family, other emergency situations which should be relayed to the director in advance.  Rehearsals are never cancelled due to inclement weather – students should dress for the weather.  Students should exhibit responsibility in these areas.  Further attendance policies are discussed elsewhere in this handbook.

Band Camp:  Band camp attendance is mandatory.  These are intense rehearsals for the fall season.  The success of the entire season rests on these weeks.  There will be NO allowances for work, medical appointments, vacation, etc. Students should adjust their schedules around this if you wish to participate (and earn the .5 PE credit and receive your letter/plaque).  Students who cannot attend band camp may still travel with the band and perform in the stands at games, but their participation in the show will not be guaranteed.

After-School Rehearsals:  The Marching Band follows a regular rehearsal schedule:  Once school begins, we meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:15pm-4:30pm until the last marching contest is completed (beginning of Fall Break).  Any changes will be announced well in advance.  Guard and percussion are expected to attend one sectional per week.  The day and time for these will be announce several weeks in advance.  Students who miss rehearsals will sit out for performances, but they are required to dress in uniform and attend.



The Marching Band will perform at all football games (including post-season playoffs), contests, and local parades.  All performances are required including those on breaks and the Hendersonville Christmas Parade.  All members should keep Fridays open from the beginning of school until the end of football season (football games).   In addition, certain Saturdays in September and early October will be reserved for exhibitions, festivals and contests (about 5 weekends).  A complete schedule of contests will be available by the beginning of school.




In the Marching Band, food and drink are not allowed in the stands at football games prior to the third quarter.  ONLY band members are allowed in the band section of the stadium during games and pep rallies.  Students shall remain in their assigned areas in their sections at all times during the games.  It is important to present the image of discipline and pride at all times.  The band plays only as a group when directed.  There will be no individual, indiscriminate playing at any time.  When the HHS Marching Band “falls in” to march to or from any location, there is to be absolutely no talking.  When we march in formation, we are observed by the public and by other bands.  You are performing whenever you are in public.  Do not embarrass yourself and your friends by acting in an immature manner.  Members will follow the instructions of the student or parent left in charge.



*Whenever we travel, whether to football games, contests, festivals, or overnight trips, members are to be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment.

*Follow instructions of the directors, chaperones, bus drivers at all times.  If you don’t understand, ask.

*No boys in girls’ rooms; no girls in boys’ rooms.

*No unnecessary moving around on bus; no standing in seats, sitting on backs of seats, etc.  Do as the driver asks when on the bus.

*Be quiet and courteous during bus role call.

*Use restrooms on busses as little as possible.  We always make regular stops.

*Know the chaperone assigned to your specific group.

*You are responsible for any damage to your room.

*Never make charges to your room (phone, meals, movies, etc.)

*Never TAKE souvenirs that you haven’t paid for.

*NEVER leave your room unlocked.

*All Sumner County School policies are in effect at all times during a Band trip.

*Never change rooms or a bus; once you have signed up, it is “in stone”.

*Leave non-essential valuables at home.  Watch your belongings.  If you put something down unattended, it probably won’t be there when you return.

*Curfews will be announced and enforced.

*Personal listening devices with headphones ONLY will be allowed on buses.

*Behavior will be exemplary at all times.  There is never an excuse for rude, obnoxious, low class behavior.

*Kindness and courtesy work miracles in almost all situations.  Remember that PLEASE and THANK YOU cost nothing, but are highly valued by the recipients.

*THERE SHALL BE NO ACTION FOR WHICH AN EXPLANATION IS NECESSARY!  (translation:  If you think we might ask you “Why did you do that?” then don’t do it).


Violations will result in immediate action which may include removal from Band, confinement to room for the duration of the trip, or being sent home at your parents’ expense.  Detailed information on schedules will always be available prior to any trip.



When you are in uniform, you are no longer just an individual, but a representative of the band, school, and community.  The uniform is to be complete at all times when in public.  Jewelry, nail polish, and student-selected accessories are not permitted.  The only headgear worn with the uniform is that provided by the band.  Any other items can and will be removed.  Any lost or damaged uniform items will be paid for by the student to whom they are issued.  The current costs of our uniform coats are over $320 each; hats with plumes cost in excess of $130 each.

The uniforms are stored on racks in the storage room when not worn.  After any time that the uniform is worn it should be hung and replaced on the rack.  Any uniform that is not replaced correctly will result cleaning duty for the member and their section leader.  If it’s YOUR uniform, YOU will be held responsible.  Students will be issued your uniform “dry cleaned.”  Students may get their uniform cleaned at their own expense at any time during the season, however it will be the their responsibility to return their uniform coat with a DRY-CLEANING TAG following the last performance (parade, football game).

The way you wear your uniform reflects the pride you have in the band.  Our uniform projects an image of pride and quality.  It is everyone’s responsibility to see that all members respect and care for the uniform and that the uniform is worn properly at all times.  The following items will be checked:

*Neat coat and pants – no wrinkles

*Properly hemmed and unwrinkled pants – clean

*Black shoes – clean

*Black socks (that come up above the ankle)

*Black gloves

*Members must memorize their hat and coat number

*Hair neatly tucked or pinned under hat – no hair hanging out

*No jewelry or watches of any type; minimal make-up



To provide a superior program for our students, fund-raisers are held throughout the year.  These are not only to offset the fees, but to maintain music, equipment, and instruction throughout the year.  All families are EXPECTED to do their FAIR SHARE in all fund raising events!  Those who choose NOT to participate may write a check equaling the amount each student is expected to generate in PROFIT.  When one fails to participate completely it simply means that the remaining students and families must bear the burden of this financial obligation.



Band fees for 2018-2019 cover the cost of uniform maintenance, dry-cleaning, transportation, music and drill purchase, band camp and summer instruction, guard equipment, contest fees, and mid-state and all-state clinic registration.  Students may earn their fees back through our annual Citrus Fruit Sale in November and the ongoing Kroger cards.  Those not wishing to participate in fundraising should ADD $400 to their band fee to cover the additional costs of supporting students in our budget.


Since our Marching Band program is not “curricular,” these fees are not covered by state or local fee waiver.  All are expected to do their share. 



-Marching Band Fee – $450

-Guard Uniform – approx. $130-$150

-Guard Shoes – approx. $32


*Students participating in guard and their families must realize that participation in guard requires extra responsibility financially.  Since this is NOT a “required” endeavor, the students and their families participating must agree to these financial obligations.  School fee waivers do NOT cover these expenses.


Winds and Percussion

-Marching Band Fee – $450

-Black marching shoes – approx. $35 (these may be used for several years)

-Black gloves – approx. $5 per pair

-Black uniform pants – approx. $60 (these may be used for several years)


Anyone needing financial assistance MUST contact the directors.  These matters are held in strictest confidence.  Please help us avoid embarrassing situations by letting us know of any problems in advance.



When a student is unable to remain a member of the HHS Marching Band program, the Band staff and students must make up for their loss.  A policy of NO REFUNDS is essential, either for partial fees or for all fees.  Through a financial commitment, a definite desire to contribute to the program is exhibited.  There are also no refunds for classroom fees.



INSTALLMENT #1:  May 20 (see above, non refundable; $150)

INSTALLMENT #2:  July 15  ($150)

INSTALLMENT #3:  August 5 ($150)


To be eligible for any type of leadership role with the HHS Band, students must return the leadership application indicating that these students agree to do their part in all musical and financial endeavors of the HHS Band.  All officers must enroll in band for both terms.

We can only continue to build on the successes of the past if we continue to have outstanding student leadership.  Section leaders are selected from their peers based on musicianship, service, dedication, and loyalty.  To be eligible for any student leadership positions each student must:

  1. Audition for an honor band (this shows dedication, extra effort, and advanced musicianship which is necessary for a leader)
  2. Have exhibited a record of good attendance from the previous years including NO unexcused absences from rehearsals or performances.
  3. Have done their part in all fundraising activities
  4. Complete a project and write a brief synopsis explaining their project and its outcomes/benefits to the program.  Projects must be completed (or in the process of completion) and not simply “proposed.”  Students who have completed this and the application process will then be allowed consideration for leadership positions (hint, there are plenty of things that are waiting for you to do all year long; if you have to ask for something, maybe the “leadership” thing isn’t yet for you).
  5. Agree to attend ALL rehearsals and performances; NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. Present a resume and essay on their high school leadership qualities and desire to become a leader in the band program.
  7. Present their transcript/GPA.
  8. Be selected by their peers.
  9. Attend the 12-week leadership training session during the previous year

All of these are explained and available in the Student Leadership Packet that must be completed and returned to the directors by the due date.

Student leaders are expected to be the first to arrive and the last to leave.  True leaders look for jobs to do; they don’t wait to be asked.  Good leaders know that respect comes from peers only when it is earned.  Leaders must set an example by their behavior at ALL times.

It is the obligation of the student leaders to keep the directors informed about any situation that might hinder the progress of the Band.  Student leaders must never ask a member of the band to do anything that they themselves are not prepared to do.  You should be the first to rehearsal, the first on line, the first to have your music memorized…in short, you should be first at everything.  All Band officers and section leaders are responsible for the loading and unloading of equipment for all events.  They are not dismissed until everything is in its place and all members of their section have gone home.

Field Commanders:  selected by the directors in the spring, candidates must prepare the leadership packet,  attend all pre-tryout conducting workshops, and perform a 3 minute routine (music is given to you), in addition to some basic conducting exercises.  Candidates for field commander must have had at least one year of marching band experience with the HHS Band. In addition to their conducting duties, field commanders will maintain the cleanliness and order of the bandroom and hallway.

Guard captains and Section Leaders:  selected by the directors in the spring, candidates must prepare the leadership packet.  These individuals must have exhibited superior efforts in musicianship and leadership throughout their entire band career. Section leaders must, by nature of the “job,” be the best musicians in their section.  It is the responsibility of a section leader to keep the instrument room neat and orderly. Guard captains must keep the guard equipment and the guard room neat and orderly. Only students who have completed their requirements, project and interview will be allowed consideration.


Officers:  elected by the students in the spring, candidates must have also exhibited superior efforts in musicianship and leadership throughout their entire band career in addition to completing their leadership packet.  Specific duties and qualifications include:

President:  Junior or Senior.  This is the primary liaison between the band and the directors.  The Band President is responsible for organizing activities as well as keeping the uniforms and shako racks neat and orderly.  At times the president is asked to meet with the Band Booster Club to share a student’s viewpoint.  The Band President will also be in charge of securing cups and water for rehearsal breaks.

Vice-President:  Junior or Senior.  First responsibility is the planning and implementation of activities of a social and motivational nature. The Vice-president assists the President with other activities.

Secretary:  Junior or Senior.  Keep an accurate account of the attendance and report this to Dr. Phillips each week. Other duties as they are needed.

All student leaders must attend a leadership seminar sponsored by the HHS Instrumental Music Department.  Students who wish to have leadership roles should act and set their goals accordingly.  Remember, the directors and staff are selecting future leaders throughout the year.  The selection process doesn’t just happen in the spring!


Please make sure that when you AND YOUR PARENTS sign the commitment form that YOU are willing to fulfill YOUR commitment





































HHS Band of Gold Information Sheet






Student Name____________________________________________________________


Grade 8 9 10 11 12


Marching Band Instrument________________________________


Mailing Address (include house/apt number, street, city, zip code):



Parent/guardian names/addresses (if more than one household, please indicate):



Phone numbers:











This form (along with the Medical form, and agreement forms) should be turned in by May 20th  to secure a position in the 2018-19 HHS Marching Band













Hendersonville High School Band

Medical Information/release form


Student name_____________________________________Age________DOB________________

Grade (that you will be in for the 2017-18 school year)  8 9 10 11 12


Instrument (for marching band)____________________________________________________


Parent/guardian name(s): ____________________________________phone________________





Health Insurance Co. _____________________________________________________________

Insured’s name______________________________Relationship__________________________

Policy/Group#______________________________Benefit Phone__________________________


Any history of (please circle if applicable):  asthma          heart conditions             back injury

neck injury        ankle injury       insect sting allergy         food allergy_______________


Any existing medical conditions?  (if yes, please explain)_________________________________



Current medications/taken for:______________________________________________________

Last Tetanus Vaccine___________________________


I hereby give my consent for my son or daughter to participate in the HHS Band/Orchestra and release said school, Sumner County Schools and their agents from all liability for injuries received by my child during or resulting from this program, whether during practice or at a performance.  In addition, I hereby release HHS, the HHS Band, Sumner County Schools and their agents from all liability for injuries received by the participant while in route to or from performances that are held at locations other than said school.  I also give my permission for my child to be treated for any medical emergency and understand that I will be contacted as soon as possible and that I or my insurance will be responsible for payment of any incurred medical expenses.


Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________  Date________________

















Hendersonville High School “Band of Gold”

Marching Band Commitment Form


I ________________________________________________ promise to be a loyal member of the Hendersonville High School “Band of Gold” Marching Band in the following ways:


  1. ATTEND ALL REHEARSALS:  rehearsals are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after school from 3:15-4:30 during the fall season.  Band camp and summer rehearsals are expected.
  2. ATTEND ALL GAMES, PEP RALLIES, ETC.:  there will be 10 regular season games on Friday evenings in addition to any play-off games.  Pep rallies and other school events are announced and I understand I am expected to participate.
  3. ATTEND ALL COMPETITIONS:  exhibitions, festivals, and contests are held on Saturdays.
  4. MEMORIZE ALL MUSIC, ROUTINES, AND DRILL:  I will work on my own until music/guard work, etc. in completely and correctly learned.
  5. KEEP THE DIRECTORS INFORMED:  if a problem arises with sickness or attendance (my own), I will contact the directors in advance (when possible).
  6. DO MY “FAIR SHARE” IN ALL FUND-RAISING EVENTS:  I understand that my band fee pays less than one-half of the expenses to support me in the band for the year and agree to do my part to offset this cost.
  7. ENROLL IN BAND BOTH SEMESTERS:  I understand that band is for the entire year and if I quit for any reason I forfeit my title, responsibilities, and privileges associated with membership in the HHS “Band of Gold” Marching Band.


I have read the above and promise to the best of my ability to fulfill all of the requirements of my membership. I understand that failure to fulfill my commitment will result in loss of credit (.5 PE), status as a leader or potential leader and other possible eligibility requirements.  In addition, I understand that any unexcused absences from rehearsals OR performances or lack of fulfillment of the above mentioned items will result in the loss of any band award, letter, or certification.


Student signature____________________________________________



Parent/guardian signature_____________________________________







These forms should be completed online by May 17h, 2018  to apply for a position in the 2017-18 HHS Marching Band






Band enrollment procedure


  1. All students should complete the 3 forms in this booklet online (even returning students).  These are kept on file for one year and will go with us on any trips taken for 2019-2020.
  2. Sign up with your counselor for the appropriate band or orchestra class for BOTH semesters.
  3. For those interested in the HHS Marching Band:
    1. Get a “sports physical” and turn this form in by the 1st day of Band Camp in July (these are not to prevent students from participation, but to clear you of any health concerns and make the directors aware of any potential medical emergencies.  This is required for marching band and sports in Sumner County Schools.
    2. On or before May 20th, complete the online forms and get your $150 NON-REFUNDABLE fee deposit to the HHS band.


All documentation and deposits must be in place by May 20th in order to apply for a spot for the 2019-20 marching band show.  We work with exact numbers for drill/show writing.  If a student fails to turn in their materials and/or has poor attendance, the first available alternate will be placed in their spot.  It is YOUR responsibility to communicate with us!


Complete calendar information available at:  www.hendersonvillebandofgold.com